How does CardFree Cash work?

CardFree Cash gives you the convenience of the ATM, without the inconvenience of needing a physical card. Instead, you can access your cash with a simple, secure access code.

Why would I want to get my cash without a card?

There are many reasons you might want to use CardFree Cash to access your cash without a physical card. For example:

How do I get a code?

  1. To generate a secure access code, begin by contacting us to request a code.
  2. Once your receive it, Activate the code and select a PIN to use with it by calling a toll-free telephone number we provide with the code.
  3. Now, you're ready to get your cash at any of the thousands of participating ATMs nationwide.

How do I use the secure access code at the ATM?


  1. Press the Popmoney button
  2. Enter the access code and 4-digit PIN you selected
  3. Collect your cash