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Introducing Bill Pay from Plaza Bank.

With Bill Pay, you’ll have access to lots of great features. Click and Learn

  • Easy Payee Set Up. Adding a new payee is as easy as typing in your account number and the Payee’s phone number and ZIP Code. No account number? Then add just a little more info and you’re ready. No more hunting down mailing addresses!
  • Make recurring payments. Eliminate the hassle of paying your monthly bills. Set up recurring payments. This is a great option for making payments that don’t change from month to month – such as your car payment or mortgage.
  • e-Notifications. Receive notifications to your email when a payment or transfer is about to be made or when one has been processed. You’ll always know what’s happening with your account – even when you don’t have to do anything.
  • Set up reminders. Never make a late payment again! When you set up reminders, you’ll receive a message telling you when your payment is due. Then just log on and make your payment.
  • Pay from multiple accounts. Choose which account – checking or savings – from which to pay your bills.
  • Categories. Assign Accounts to Categories for Easier Payment Processing.
  • See it all at a glance! The Payment tab lets you make payments and view pending payments, recent payments, and bill reminders all on the same screen. Or, see the total of your payments for any given day just by glancing at the calendar.

If you have questions, please visit our Help Center, or contact Bill Pay Customer Service at 800-913-0862 for assistance.