Popmoney: The New And Easy Way To Pay, And Get Paid

Have you tried Popmoney yet? It’s the new and easy way to pay, and get paid.

Popmoney lets you send money to anyone your know. Family. Friends. The babysitter. All you need is their email address or mobile number to move money from your account to theirs.

And the great part is that it’s all done from your mobile phone or computer.

Just log on to online banking or your mobile banking app to access Popmoney.

Then type in a person’s name, email address or phone number, the dollar amount, and send. It’s that easy. They’ll receive a message telling them you have sent a payment, and how to complete the deposit.

The money is sent directly from your account to theirs, quickly and securely.

You can also request and receive money from anyone just as easily.

Use Popmoney for lots of everyday things – such as paying a friend for concert tickets or sharing a dinner bill.

It’s a great way to pay – or be paid.