What is Open an Account?

Open an Account is a simple and secure way to open a new account.

How does Open an Account work?

Open an Account optimizes the account opening process across all your compatible devices and can be done anytime, from anywhere you have internet connection. Fill out your information manually or use a phone or tablet with a camera to scan your ID and auto fill the required fields. Monitor your progress as you go, and if you don’t have time to finish you can save and finish it later. Indicate what financial goals you’re trying to accomplish, and you’ll be offered a variety of accounts that match those same goals. Decide if you want to fund your account now or later, check for information accuracy, and submit to finish opening your new account! 

Is Open an Account secure?

As you go through the process of opening your new account all your information will be encrypted and stored securely on our servers, helping to keep your data safe whether you’re at home, or on the go. 

What features will I have while opening my account?

Opening an account with Open an Account gives you many time-saving advantages: