Account to Account Transfers

Easily transfer money between your accounts, including your accounts at other financial institutions.

Can I transfer money between accounts?

Yes. If you've added more than one account in BillPay, you can easily transfer money between the accounts. Go to Transfer Money and select the option to transfer money.

How long does it take to process an account transfer?

The Transfer Date is the date that the money is withdrawn from the From account. Transfers are typically deposited in your To account on the transfer date. Transfers may be delayed three business days depending on the transfer amount or five business days depending on the selected From account. Your transfer limits are determined based on information that we received from the consumer credit reporting agency that verified your information when you enrolled.

The calendar shows the earliest available date you can make a transfer.

What are account transfer limits and how are they set?

Limits for how much money you can transfer between accounts are established based on information you provided during enrollment. If you try to transfer an amount that is higher than your limits, a message informs you how much money you can transfer.

Your transfer limits are shown in the Make a Transfer section next to the amount you want to transfer.

A transfer fee may apply. The amount may vary based on the direction of the transfer. Transfers coming in may be charged a different fee from transfers going to an account at another institution.

What should I do if I transfer money to the wrong account?

If the transfer has not been processed, cancel the transfer. Once the transfer is canceled, schedule a new transfer to the correct account. If you've transferred the wrong amount, you can cancel the transfer if it has not been processed and reschedule it with the correct amount.

If you have a problem with a transfer that has been processed, you can send us a transfer inquiry from the Transfer Detail page. Our customer service will attempt to resolve the problem on your behalf.

What is a repeating transfer?

The automatic transfer of a specified amount of money from one account to another based on a schedule that you set up. For example, you may want to set up a repeating transfer schedule to automatically transfer $500 from your money market account to a checking account at the end of each month.
Quick Facts About Repeating Transfer Schedules.

You need to make three decisions that determine the frequency and duration of the transfers:

Why is my reminder removed when I schedule a repeating transfer?

When you schedule a repeating transfer for the same To and From accounts as an existing reminder you've set up, the reminder is removed. If e-mail notification options are available when you set up the repeating transfer, you can select those options to receive e-mail about your transfer.